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Pay your fees through by e-transfer or cheque.
We will not accept cash.

Click here to download the form.
Fill it out, drop it off at our office
or mail by Canada Post.
Family Section
Standard Period Dates:  January 1st - December 31st 

Benefits for athletes and delegates:  


- Services are provided to athletes and volunteers

- Partial financial support covering registration fees, transportation, and accommodations for Deaf National events

- Partial financial support covering transportation and accommodations for Deaf International events

- Becoming a member of the ADSA Board of Directors

- Discounts at fundraisers and events

- Coaches to train athletes and help improve their skills

- Insurance coverage at local provincial events (except for high contact sports like hockey)




Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Ages 18 - 55

Valid for one year

Seniors or Students


Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Ages 55+ or Student with ID

Valid for one year



Any Age

Valid for one year




Parent/Guardian with

Deaf/HoH/CODA Children

Valid for one year

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