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Programs and Services

LTAD Program

LTAD stands for Long Term Athlete Development and we have a partnership with the Canadian Deaf Sports Association to promote and encourage long term athlete growth of our Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth.

Community Program

We are fortunate to have support from various places, such as the Alberta School for the Deaf. We have access to their gym a few times a week for our members to participate in sport activities.

There are different days for different sports. Please click below to see the calendar. 


We have the ability to provide some financial support, depending on our budget, to those who meet our criteria.

Please click below to apply for sponsorship.


ADSA hosts several sporting events through the year. We also send athletes and members to sport events and tournaments on a national and international level with some financial support. We have our golf tournaments, pickleball tournaments, indoor and outdoor volleyball tournaments, and curling tournaments. 

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