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Through the Years

The Alberta Deaf Sports has a long, storied history. Bringing together Deaf people through sport and socializing. What once was a necessity to gather, feel part of a community has continued to be a centre and place for members and community to get together and have fun. 


It's Official

The organization name was changed to Alberta Deaf Sports Association on May 22, 1984 due to the decision made by the national deaf sports and other provincial deaf sports associations to delete the term, "Federation". This term was not commonly used in reference to such type of a non-profit organization.


Forming an Organization

Originally, this organization was called the Federation of Silent Sports of Alberta. It was incorporated in Edmonton with eight charter members, on December 3, 1974. The charter members were Joanne Robinson, John Burton, Kathryn Stone, David Mason, Dave Gourlay, Macklin Youngs, George Stothart, and Catherine Sicoli.


Going International

First International participation by Albertans: In 1965, five Edmonton players were selected for the National Men's Basketball to attend the World Summer Deaf Games (now called Deaflympics). The result was a bronze medal out of 6 teams. The athletes were Marshall Danyluk, Jim Kvarnberg, Ross Lawrence, Ralph Melnyk, and George Stothart.


Socializing in Sport

In the1950's, the Edmonton Association of the Deaf (EAD) and Calgary Association of the Deaf (CAD) hosted a variety of events including sports.  Bowling and curling were the most popular sports at the time. As well, younger athletes played outdoor hockey and participated in school leagues in hockey, football, and basketball.  In the later years, more sports emerged promoting the ADSA to become incorporated to provide support to the Alberta athletes, who attended the National Championships and World Games for the Deaf - now known as the Deaflympics.


Ever Changing Logos

Prior to the new and fourth logo change

in 2009, the ADSA had three logos



Still Thriving

Interested in reading more?

ADSA has its own history book!
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